Tuesday, April 17, 2007

India – Does not need any revolution

In India there is a sudden change in the lifestyle in last 2 decades. These changes are due to the globalization and technical advancements. Many sections of the societies have undergone through this change having utilized the technology advancements. This was possible for them because of the availability of the communication channels. Off course still there is a big section, which is not aware of what is happening in the world. Reaching that section has been always difficult for the organizations and governments. So those sections remained in unimproved state and fell behind decades relatively. The government’s policies fail to bring them to the main stream, as there are no such real intentions in the government executive bodies.

There is a huge mind set in India, which can think rationally to solve the various current problems what people face now. This mind set finds the better approaches for various problems we have. If we observe the discussions on the Internet and televisions we understand that current generation has started thinking in a way appropriate for the situation than the earlier days. Who knows earlier also it was the case but we had no ways to know each other in a faster way. At least the youths and children who have fresh thoughts can change the current picture of India. The sum of these minds and their rational thoughts should come together and propagate like a wave of revolution. This needs a proper leadership what the current youth community lacks.

Always the leadership is tied to politics. Politics is not required at all. Remember political power is not the requirement but the will power to make the change is required. Mahatma Gandhi had no political power but had a strong will. All our leaders, before independence had no powers but had will powers. The community section, which has the will power, can get any power.

So why to wait? Show that you have the will power to make any change in a better way. Do not fall behind the politics. By joining politics or building a party you become a part of it. If you put a drop of sweet water in sea it cannot turn the sea into sweet water. Instead it testes like seawater.

Do not waste your time and become inactive by watching games played by others. Instead play the games yourself and enjoy it and be active. There will be the real happiness.

Protest any wrong decisions by the government strongly. We have the better way to protest in India. Peacefully come to the street and protest against the odd things. Convince the people like how Mahatma Gandhi did. We need to fight against our own people again. Because the people involved in corruption are not foreigners but they are our neighbours only. We are all neighbours to somebody. The government has been fooling us in an intelligent way that we fail to understand. Our people cheat us. Just see the number of crimes in India and the type of people behind it. All are responsible people and they feel that they are not guilty. Reason for this is such people see the world as if everyone is guilty. Politicians purposefully delay their trail in court so that the punishment for them is delayed. Each one protects other. Looks they never get punishment. Only the helpless people get proper punishment for their crime. Why this odd development here? Naxalism, terrorism and any negative developments are due to the failure of the governments to provide the equality to all. Any development in society should be a voice towards the punishment to the guilty so that the crime rate comes down. All other violent actions by any group, which disturb the normal life, have failed to attain their goals. History provides the evidences for that.

The good intention with the wrong way to do that is like a good food in a dirty plate. So the people who think rationally to provide justice and equality to all must get the confidence of the people for whom they fight. Though society is made up of different type of people no one like violent approach. This need not be confused with the freedom fighters before independence. Such violence is not a requirement now. We need to remember that we need to fight against our own people, who are our neighbours.

Raise the voice when any body suffers and see that the guilty is punished. The victim will remember the support and be a part of yours. If you forsake the victim you loose one candidate and he will never believe you. Make sure all people, that the guilty must be punished. Government has become impotent in punishing the guiltiness, because, it has lost its will power. To punish the guilty one needs the will power and guts.

The voice raised in right time can bring the change slowly and change the environment. Remember, slow change is better than revolution. And it has no side effects.

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