Thursday, April 5, 2007

Reservation required, but the ‘backward community’ needs to be redefined

Reservation is the right thing and it should be there. Many downtrodden masses have utilized this opportunity and have come up in their life. We should see that out of 100 families, in the worst case, 10 families utilized that and improved in India. This is okay condition and right effort.

Truly speaking, there is no reservation required at all for anybody in ideal situation. That situation would be like the one where the society has no divisions like upper and lower castes. All will have the same economical and social status and all types of opportunities are equally distributed to all. This is an ideal situation and always there is a care for incapable people by the system like the government and its people. But that ideal society never exists in the time line. There are many reasons for the backward communities to exist in India over centuries. All sections of the society are responsible for that. Any section falls behind in the competition race, becomes the backward section over time. In addition, politics pushes some societies into backward communities list over time. So as long as the backward communities exist there should be reservation to uplift those societies.

Contemporarily there is always a cry for ‘no reservation’ from those who do not enjoy this. This voice against the reservation is a valid one as those people are frustrated about the discrimination by the government. But we need to see the classes of people who are not able to share the opportunities. We need to provide them the ways to come up. Reservation is considered as the way for this.

But here is confusion. Suppose that if the families, as I said earlier, 10 out of 100 have been benefited by reservation and these families are well settled economically. Also the earning members of these families are in certain jobs by availing the reservation. Then the goal of the government is over. Its purpose is met. The families have come to a position. There onwards they do not need any reservation by the fact that they can earn and they are capable of providing the education to their next generation. So what is the reason for extending the reservations to those families? Whether the government assumes that the generations in backward communities are always weaker? If this is the argument then it is the disrespect for that community. All backward communities should come together to protest against this kind of disrespect from the government. For example I belong to OBC category. I utilized the reservation during my education, the way it was available for me in the last decade. I am an engineer now. Thanks to the government reservation policy. But if the government says by any chance that now my children also come in a reservation category I consider it is a kind of disrespect to my children. It looks down upon the abilities of my children. It is an insane behavior of the government who put my children into reservation category.

So, if anyone argues that when the children are incapable and so they also need reservation, then the same situation has to be considered in all sections of all societies. This is because; all societies and all communities have the same problem. Then the reservation would be like for those who cannot compete.

Is this the real need of an hour ‘the reservation for an incompetent person’ he can be in any section and any society?

Can anybody on behalf of the government clear to the nation that the extension of reservation to such already improved families is because their generations are always weaker? Can such families who think their children too need reservations accept this fact that their children are incompetent and incapable always?

Discrimination on the basis of castes is an offence. Discrimination should be the fact of history. There should be no place for it in the civilized society at present. The government needs to act better than now. As per our constitution Government shall not engage in such things, which can divide the community masses. This will be the breach of the constitution. Government must not treat an entire community as backward as it is against the constitution. Also it must not exploit the innocence of the public, as it is a sin and it reverts back in a bad manner later. History provides the evidence for all these.

What Government can do to uplift the poor and downtrodden families with keeping the communities united?

1. Make any law equally applicable to all Indians irrespective of their religion and communities.
2. Define ‘backward community’ as ‘a family that has been deprived of the opportunities for education and status’.
3. Find such backward families to avail the reservation in all sections and all societies.
4. To such families provide the reservations in different levels as per their income slabs.

This would be the real care of the people who really need the support from the government.

All other steps lead to conflicts in the societies creating the barriers dividing the people of the nation. This will not end until the sun rises in the west.

Save Water and Save Life

Save Water and Save Life