Sunday, December 30, 2012

Indian Constitution and Law on Rape

Big Question  -  Do we need the constitution that fails to provide a proper law to punish the rape guilty?

The helplessness of Indian constitution and the rules, regulations to provide the quick justice shows that it is a age old script written by those people who had no respect for women and it now requires a change totally. If the law doesn't have sufficient clear clauses that catch the rape criminal, it reflects that how lightly the rape crime had been considered while the laws for rape were framed. The way the laws getting amended time to time after the women suffer crimes shows that men are not ready to bring proper laws in advance. Double standards nature is the weakness of  human race, in this case of men, that prevents them from doing so. India has goddess Durga , Parvathi etc on one side and has no rules to protect women on other side. 

It is the shame on humanity because the incident like raping by men and torturing her in unimagined way that happened in Delhi is not witnessed in any class of animals. If animals can speak they would have questioned us "why cannot you punish them and who made this law?".

Why do we need such constitution that has dubious laws that are difficult to implement and enforce. If it is difficult to implement and enforce it needs to be changed. Do not stick to the laws written 60 years back. It is of no use now. Change it so that it stays good for next 50 years.

Until the age old politicians stay in parliament no improvements are possible. The law that has no lines to cover the safety of women in India is not fit to exist. These politicians do everything only for power. They have no actual interest in bringing the reforms. They spend entire time in protecting their party in power. They eat our money and create bigger gaps between poor and rich. This economic imbalance will give birth to different crimes in society.

Anna Hazare tried to bring some good change in India. Nothing happened. Politicians succeeded in keeping the whole agitation mum.

Law of the land provides rules to ensure the safety of citizens. Safety needs to be ensured first for women. This is absolutely necessary because women are considered weaker in physical strength compared to men.
So Law must protect them first. But it is evident that women are given second priority to men. Not only that, Govt is hesitating to make the laws tighter so that crimes on women are reduced. The arguments are that the laws can be misused. It is true that every law can be misused. It doesn't mean that we should not create the law at all. 

Democracy has its own strengths. Understanding it and providing better laws requires sincere efforts from the law making community.  Only the "self will" is required to do that. 

Suggestion to law makers- It doesn't sound good to think of such laws until your wife or daughter is raped by men.....!

Save Water and Save Life

Save Water and Save Life