Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What we sell in IT industries?

Every employee talks about the products they work on and the products they sell in their industry. They understand that the products they develop are marketed outside with some brand name. Thus they know that they sell the products by brand names and develop a sense that they sell those products indirectly. This understanding of contribution to the products, in employees, creates a sense of service offered to their company. It makes an employee to feel proud about their contributions to the products.

But this understanding still fails to create the sense of competition that makes the product best marketable. The sense of competition drives employees to contribute differently. It is the need of the hour in product development companies.

How to create the sense of competition?

Consider a vegetable seller who sells vegetables on a pushing cart. He has certain abilities that make him a successful vegetable seller. He has ability to stand in the outside hot sun rays, to stand in cold weather, to stay in dust environment and the ability to push the vehicle for whole day. These capacities make him to sell vegetables. He utilizes these capacities maximum to make a better profit in his business. More he utilizes each of these abilities more profit he makes. Without these capacities he is nothing. He has the awareness of his own strength physical and mental strengths. Accordingly he chooses the vegetables and the streets to sell. More he is clear about his abilities and strengths more he is successful in his business. Can we say that he sells his abilities not the vegetables?

Each moment employees spend on developing the products are valuable. The time spent on the product development is fully useful when the results are achieved with high quality.

What actually we sell?

In IT industry we don’t sell products but sell our intellectual abilities.

We sell our ability to frame possible use case or a functionality in code, ability to handle the boundary values and ability to create unimagined test case. If an employee understands that he actually sells his abilities in the market, and develops that sense in him then the products created would be of the best quality.

Beyond the light spectrum

Our eyes can see the objects, because there is a light. If there is no light, ours eyes cannot produce the image of an object that the brain can recognize. All the devices that perform the functions similar to eyes, like cameras, are also based on the concept of light. The cameras also cannot detect the objects when there is no light.

So, what we are seeing, is actually the ray of light reflected from the objects. As the orientations of these reflected rays form different shapes, our brain can recognize the object’s shapes. When the reflected rays are of different frequency the object’s colors are sensed as different. Our brain is trained to sense the rays of different frequency with the different colors. It identifies them as different colors.

Infrared rays based cameras can detect the objects without the presence light. They can identify the object shapes in darkness. But we can see those objects when we brighten the identified objects with the light source.

Now let us have a look at the electro magnetic spectrum. This spectrum has various bands of waves identified with the range of frequencies (inversely wavelengths). The light band is one of these that we are living in. We can say that, we are the creature, living in light band spectrum. Nothing is visible to us in the other bands of the electro magnetic spectrum. We are using rays of other bands like x-rays, Microwaves, radio waves, infrared rays etc for various purposes. We have studied the effects of these rays passing through different objects. We know x-rays can pass through the objects; microwave can heat the water molecules etc. But we are unable to see what is there in this spectrum with our eyes.

Having said this, we can come to a conclusion that our eyes cannot see beyond the light band spectra. So now the question arises is that, there a life in these other bands like in light band? How to sense the objects that are pertaining to these spectra? Whether this universe looks different in different bands of electro magnetic spectrum?

Yes. This universe appears different in different bands of spectrum. Hence there may be life in other bands not visible to us. This can be stated hypothetically.

Save Water and Save Life

Save Water and Save Life