Thursday, April 26, 2007

Indian’s identity abroad - Effect of castism

Since the days in history India’s picture in abroad was, a country with many castes, country where people have blind beliefs, country where people adore stones, mud and animals etc. During British’s rule this picture was still worsened abroad. But, now the picture has been changed due to the progress in various fields and India can play a role of model in many areas internationally.

But, still how Indians are identified outside? They ask us which cast do you belong to in India? How many castes are there in your religion? What is the difference between sub castes?
Colleagues put these questions over informal conversations abroad. The disputes over cast based reservation and castism in India made the people to think differently about Indians. Who is responsible for this? We right?

Unfortunately, in the name of culture and in the name of god caste awareness is increasing in today’s youths, though there are many rational thinkers.

There are as many casts as there are gods and there are as many gods as there are beliefs. Totally, many have misunderstood the concept of god. All behave like educated people with scientific temper but when the question of god comes all behave like coward and believe everything said in the name of god. This is the main reason for our inability to remove castism from our minds. We talk too much about removing the castism from our society but never show courage to say I am not belonged to any cast. Many never know Mahatma Gandhi belong to which cast? Do we ever think about the caste when we talk about Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam? We do not consider the cast when the person is special and important. Similarly we should consider the person everywhere but not the cast he belongs to.

All religions have started from man. These religions are different as the ways to realize the god are different. All religions say the same stuff in different ways. This is like writing the same program in many programming languages, where the result is always same and there will be same types of errors in all.

People should discourage their children when they talk about castes. Parents should ask the children to recognize others as persons but not persons from xyz caste. Then at least the next generation would live happily.

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Very true.
Nice article. worth reading .

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