Sunday, January 6, 2013

Indian Laws and their existence

Humanity in civilized society doesn’t tolerate crime endangering his life. In civilized society there will be more matured behavior by maximum people around 80 to 90%. Matured behavior is understandable by itself where there will be no crimes and there will be justice fairly for all.

Actually Indian society is not a civilized society at all. It is first of all a shame that we call our society as civilized. I don’t have to justify that we are living in a uncivilized society. The crimes without any reasons, murders and the way they happen in India are enough to say that the society is not fit to be called as civilized one. It was even more pathetic situation during post independence. But still law makers thought that they were framing the laws for civilized society when they framed Indian constitution.

When the laws are made to take care of any subject, it is made to prevent the activities that are considered to be illegal for that subject and to catch the guilty performing that mistake. The laws are made to catch the guilty and to punish the guilty thereby the victim gets mental satisfaction that the guilty suffers the loss for committing the mistake. Other side of view is that the laws are made so that due to punishment to the guilty, it spreads the word to others that guilty is punished. Punishments are defined by law makers or by a team of law makers based on the relevant studies. The laws in India define punishments for each crime by considering that the Indian society is civilized society. This was the biggest mistake the law makers have done while framing the laws in Indian constitution.
I surprise how the law makers had considered a rape on woman carries a punishment that is deemed as not a rigorous punishment as understood by a normal person. It creates the question in our mind that how ‘rape’ had been considered by so called great law makers in our country. How they had thought that rapes, barbaric murders etc don’t carry a capital punishments.

When people are greedy, opportunities are centered to few communities, there is a injustice to large sections of people. Open threats to other people, heinous crimes, child rapes and unquestioned criminals are not the signs of civilized society.

Laws without punishments have no existence. Laws are required to have stringent punishments for crimes to bring the society to a normal state. After the existence of such laws it takes years to come to a civilized state.

Save Water and Save Life

Save Water and Save Life