Monday, April 16, 2007

Root problems in India

Many say cast and religion are the root causes for the current problems in India. Some people say the problems are due to the corrupted politicians. Some say the poverty and lower economical conditions and the illiteracy are the main causes and so on.

Truly speaking none of the above are the root causes. It is possible to leave happily and peacefully in a multiple caste and religious state. It is possible for the poor to leave happily. Problems are not due to illiterate but many times due to literate people, who exploit illiterate and innocent people to do crime. It is possible to remove the corruption in the politics.

All the above problems are always there since the start of the human race. But still in history we have seen the examples where the people lived happily and peacefully in some time spans.

The above said problems are the created problems by the people and so those are not the root causes.

So what are the main causes for the non-peaceful society today?

People are the root causes for all the problems. Their attitude is the root cause. Man has become greedier more than ever before for his needs. So he finds the unlawful and unethical ways to earn money. If the greed is under control then the society leaves peacefully. It is always the level of the greed, which decides the happiness of the masses and its peace.

The greed should be under control and should be governed by spirituality. Guilty conscience is the need for the currect society. It is verymuch required for man to leave peacefully. Otherwise there will be no difference between the animals and the human.

We have the examples of some well-developed countries where the education and money is not a problem. But still people suffer from many problems. The current generation may not be the reason for that. But may be it is the effect of the previous mistakes or wrong political decisions or may be the way they lived before.

FutureThe generations have to pay for the mistakes in the current generation. This is as same as the fact that no rain we get in future when we cut trees and create deforestation. It is as true as the inheritance of characteristics through DNA to successive generations.

Unless there is a changes in human attitude happiness and peace is a dream word.


baplun said...

hello, I write you by this route since I do not see like doing it by another one, I must say that there am been reading your blog and it seems to me very interesting and educative, aside from the concise thing and precise that you are in your commentaries, I congratulate to you, will try to read your frequently post. it excuses my English badly. good luck

sman said...

Thank You Baplun.

Anonymous said...

read ur articles today...nice effore...

Anonymous said...

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