Friday, March 23, 2007

When The Technologies Collide

In the competitive world, there will be arguments for selecting the optimal and efficient solution. The world community naturally selects the better solution, which makes its life better. The same will be true for virtualization. Virtualization lets a single computer run multiple operating systems simultaneously, in compartments called virtual machines. This enables to derive the 100% utilization of the computers. Also in disaster recovery solutions one can move the virtual machines from one server to another in case of any disasters at one location. Plate spin technology enables the disaster recovery solutions in heterogeneous environments through virtualization.

When user community assesses that VMWARE can provide the cost effective solutions for IT industry naturally the Microsoft, which is holding the technology leadership, raise their eyebrows. This is the scenario of collision between the technologies, which are to some extent, not complementary. Win-Win solution needs to be determined in collaboration to move forward. What the user community does in these scenarios. We know how the user community has accepted the Linux OS.

This technology, impacts the Microsoft business. Why Microsoft did not promote this technology for the span of 5 to 6 years over which virtualization is evolved? If it does not promote then some body take the initiative. So this always happens. One has to accept the breakthroughs in technology and promote it quickly so that the leadership can be maintained for generations.

Like the people say "Virtualization is a journey, not a project." But how this journey of VMWARE will be welcome by Microsoft. Whether they go together hand in hand to meet the world's technical requirements? If not how they arrive at Win-Win solution?

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