Friday, March 23, 2007

Thin-Laptop over the Internet - Can be possible?

The client-server architecture concept is used all over the Internet. The computers are found at all work points, which connect to remote server and gets the data from it. These client machines serve as the interface to the user, which, connect to the server and provide the data to the user. These machines get the database and display it for the user in the required format. No data will be stored at their point.

Everywhere network is mandatory and there is no system without network. We cannot imagine the isolated machine without network. Here comes the idea of new thin-laptop to make use of the available network connection. Thin-Laptop is a new kind of handy Laptop capable of doing everything. The only difference is, this Thin-laptop has no motherboard. It can load the editor and edit the applications. It can open the integrated development environments for developing applications. It can compile and execute and user can browse the Internet on it. It can play the music and video. But all computation happens in remote station. This laptop will have the necessary hardware to connect to remote machine. It can have I/O devices like Mouse, CD ROM drive, USB drive, and floppy drive except hard disk. All are handled through the embedded processor locally.

Though it looks similar to dumb terminal connected to some mainframe computer but it is not. It is not a full pledged machine to do all jobs on its own. All the compilations and executions occur in remote computer. It gets the results from remote computer and displays to the user. But for the user it gives the feeling like he is working on local machine. It provides all access facilities to user locally and does all computations on remote machine. It opens the remote terminal screen for the user and enables him to do everything over network.

General Features of the concept

1. This does not follow either dumb I/O terminal concept or Client server architecture concept. This is a hybrid product of both concepts.
2. No OS is installed on the machine. Embedded processor will do all the limited tasks.
3. Network connection is mandatory to connect to the server. The machine does not work independently.
4. This can work both on battery power and direct power supply like laptop.

Advantages of this concept

1. This can be a handy and new product, which can be carried to any place where the network is available.
2. Users working in a computer center, industries, banks and educational institutions can have their own Thin-laptops on their table connected to the server. This is a more useful machine in all places where people work with the databases on remote servers.
3. If these machines are supported by wireless then users can use them anywhere in wireless zone.
4. More suitable model for the developing countries as it is economical to buy.

This techonology can be used as cloud computing or not. Readers please comment

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