Thursday, January 17, 2008

Power of Yogi's

The thoughts and wishes of the saints are implemented in this world automatically though they sit inside the cave. They do not have to instruct anyone to implement their thoughts and plans.

-By Swamy Vivekanand


Multisubj Yb TruthSeeker said...

1. Is Vivekananda NOT a Saint or Yogi?

If he wanted gooseberries, they should have come to his Belur Monastery automatically. Why should he beg Ms. Christina Greenstidel to procure and send? (On 21st June 1902 in his letter from Belur Math)

"... The pills continue, however. Will you ask the boys if they can get "Amalaki" [Emblic myrobalan] fruits in the place now? We cannot get them in the plains now ..."

Swamiji died on 4.7.1902 in 13 days before the fruits came from hills to plains. They must have come to him automatically just by thinking.

sman said...

Whatever you say is the way how a common man thinks and utilises his powers. But the person, who is a Yogi thinks in different way. The saying is all about those who have no selfishness and never wish that thier own wants are fullfilled. Instead they always worry about human kind.

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Save Water and Save Life