Thursday, December 27, 2007

Everything is fair in love and war

“Everything is fair in love and war” a mistaken ideology.

It is not good that what happened to Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 27th December 2007. But who can prevent the spreading terrorism? Pakistan which has failed to stop growing terrorism in the country has itself become a victim of terrorism. What is happening in Pakistan is the result of supporting terrorism. In spite of India’s advice Pakistan supported terrorists. If it had joined the international communities for curbing terrorism at least the situation would have been under control in Pakistan. But now the condition in Pakistan is worst. There is no democracy at all. Finally the helpless people of Pakistan will be in trouble.

The incidents happening around the world due to terrorism clearly show that they have made their creator as victims. History is the asset that we can look back into and learn a lot. It explains actions and reactions for those actions with proofs. If we put ourselves 1000 years back on the time axis and observe the events in those 1000 years time span we become expert astrologers. Why man does not learn from history?

It is certain that who supports evil will ultimately get destroyed himself. This is the universal law and the world works as per this law. Any sort of activity with violence is an evil. Whatever the aim it claims it is bad. But who tells this to Jehadis. If any body says that “Everything is all right in love and war” it is definitely due to his insanity. Some one has said this in past. People stick to some old ideologies without analyzing them again. Any thing which holds good in a given point of time may not necessarily be right. It can be wrong. Can we tell now what happened to Benzir Bhutto is all right because it is a part of terrorist’s war? We cannot say so. But we can definately say that Evil eats its creator eventually.

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You are absolutely true Mr. sman!!

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