Friday, November 30, 2007

Live and Let Live

All people do have equal opportunity to earn in the current economical scenario. But only few can earn. Because only those few use the opportunity as all people can never own the opportunities at a time. Only few can have it at a time and then others get it. Also ability to earn money for a given opportunity differs from person to person based on his personal ability and opportunities. It is also based on many factors like his physical and mental conditions, location where he stays and job opportunities and so on. All people can never be rich simultaneously. It is highly impossible. So there will be always some people who cannot earn money for one or more reasons. But those people need to live like others at least with self dignity.

So the means for them to live is make them to earn. For that money is required. Money should flow to such sections in a controlled way to uplift them. There are many ways to improve them like rendering services, giving motivations etc. Donation is one of the ways which helps those people to live.

So please donate as much as you can. Live and Let the others live happily.

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Save Water and Save Life

Save Water and Save Life