Monday, June 4, 2007

In Democracy - ‘Duty to vote’ instead of ‘Right to vote’

The meaning of democracy is that the ruling govt. reflects the choice of the citizens in terms of their needs, aspirations and it thus represents the people of the country. But see the scenario in India. Every state looks like a Kingdome. Each state has some rulers who, from past been ruling the states as CMs and try to retain the power by hook or crook. If father retires from politics he makes the way to his or her kith and kin to rule the state. This is true at the center also as we see that the PM seat is inherited to family members many times. CM is always chosen based on family. PM is chosen based on family or made like rubber stamp of ruling parties. No one is representing the people here.

How and why this happens? People who do not believe in democracy will do this. How they are able to do this? Because, few people select them instead of all people. This is like few people selecting the government and remaining majority people pointing the government as a bad government.

If the citizens of India ‘think and vote’, this will never happen. But why they ‘think only’ but ‘not vote’? What is the problem with Indians when it comes to exercise their power of voting? Many people in the world do not have this power to choose their government but Indians have it. To be surprised educated are reluctant to vote than uneducated people. Minorities vote than majority communities. Is it like only the weaker sections resort to democracy? It looks like it is happening. If these are the problems in voting itself then why the democracy is required?

What steps can be taken by the government.

1. Make election ID cards mandatory for all. Those having the ID card can only vote.
2. It should be a ‘duty to vote’ instead of ‘right to vote’. Voting has to be made compulsory in the constitution.
3. If there are Successive 3 violations the candidate should not be allowed for voting for his whole life time. So he looses the rights to be a people representative also in his future.
For better results good people should vote. If all people vote certainly there will be better results.

There are so many intellectuals in our country. But fools are ruling us. Few intellectuals in ruling party will be like rubber stamps unfortunately. The reason is intellectuals talk about ideal situations and that ideal situation never comes. Because of this reason people never support intellectuals but they support politicians. Politicians know how to solve the dispute. Unfortunately, Politicians do not have service motivation like intellectuals. So whom to choose as our representative? Better if intellectuals make election campaign instead of some film hero and heroines. They can assist the people to choose right and good candidates.


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Prasanna L.M said...

Nice article sman..Waitng for more good articles from your side..

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