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Program Structures and properties

1. C program Structure and properties


void main(void)
statement 1;
statement 2;
statement n;

C program will have the above typical program structures. Every C program will have at least main function. Other functions, if present, are called from this main. The C style programming has the following features.


Procedural Programming Technique -
C program logic is built sequentially. The entire program flow is sequential from start to end like a procedure. There may be multiple threads and exits in between but the logic flows from start to end like a process.
Modular Programming -
C program is always a collection of function modules. The main function calls other functions. Entire main function can be a sequence of function calls where the entire process is broken down into modules.
Top Down Approach -
The programming approach used in C language is top down means; the program logic is built by making the functions calls assuming that the functions are present. Once the higher-level logic is built then these functions are implemented. While building the higher-level logic one need not bother about the lower level details of the functions to be implemented. Programmer can just assume the availability these modules and use them.

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