Saturday, March 31, 2007

Innovative Technologies and the Consumer Industries

The possible risks, of using any consumer product on human health, needs to be taken in to consideration by the manufacturers. Especially, those, who are in consumer products like medicine, cosmetics and food gradients etc are to be careful. This needs the true attention when the product is based on a new technology. Unless the impact of the, use of the new technology in product, on human health is studied properly no product based on that technology should enter into the market.

Advertisements for the consumer products are not sufficient even if they come through the famous personalities and celebrities from sports, movie etc. People are simply attracted to use the product and later the blame starts. Proper test proofs can only convince the public. As the people are more concerned of their health than anything those who provide test proofs to the public may win in the market. Often companies do marketing of their product with labeling the new technology usage and it is not clear to the consumer that for what this technology has been applied in the product. How dangerous their product is to human health is not known. Because many time the companies are concerned with the use of new technology and labeling the product with it before the technology impact is studied substantially.

If there is no clear publishing of the test proofs to the public, about the harms on human health, there will be arguments and confusions in the consumer groups. We have already seen some examples about Coca Cola in India. There are some discussions and arguments in the Internet about the nano technology based consumer products.

Particularly the developing countries have to have the sufficient and proper laws to check if there are any adverse affects on human health. Before the break through and innovative technologies are applied for consumer products, manufacturers should be forced to do the research on the long-term affects of those technologies on human health in advance. The regulations should be in force to insist for researching on impacts of products based on new technologies and publishing it with proof prior to applying it to the human consumer products.

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Save Water and Save Life